The damage from the tsunami in the past 20 years amounted to 289 billion dollars


The total damage from the tsunami in the past 20 years, which led to the death of 251,770 people, amounted to 280 billion dollars, according to a UN study. The most significant damage caused by the tsunami was observed on the coasts of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. For comparison, the study cites data for the previous 20 years, when 998 people died because of the tsunami, and the damage amounted to 2 billion 700 million dollars. The last tsunami that hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on September 28 led to the death of 2 thousand people. 70 thousand houses were completely destroyed. The World Tsunami Awareness Day, which is celebrated annually on November 5, increases people's awareness of the risks associated with the probability of tsunami recurrence in order to prevent people from dying.

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