The cost of housing in London fell by 26.2 billion pounds for the first time since 2009


The cost of housing in London fell by a record 26.2 billion pounds in 2018. According to analysts, this is the first drop since 2009. The entire fund is currently valued at 1.77 trillion pounds, four times exceeding the cost of homes in five cities in the country. Almost a quarter of the value of the entire housing stock in the UK falls on London. According to experts, the difficulties with the release of Britain from the EU hit the capital the most. Falling prices may attract buyers, but real estate sellers are in no hurry to enter the market, waiting for growth. The study showed that the total cost of housing in the country, by contrast, rose to a record 7.29 trillion pounds. Rising prices for 4,800 pounds per house caused an increase in the total value of the fund of more than 137 billion pounds. While 72% of growth is associated with higher prices, the remaining 28% is due to the construction of new homes. The highest proportion since 2011 indicates the desire of the authorities to concentrate on expanding the housing supply in the market.ынке.


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