The composite index of confidence in the eurozone fell in March to a minimum level since October 2016


The European Commission published data on the level of business and consumer confidence in the eurozone economy in March. The data indicated that the corresponding composite index in the region dropped to the lowest since October 2016 - to 105.5 points from the February figure of 106.2 points. Forecast of the experts assumed the index at 105.9 points. The fall of the index in the service sector to 11.3 points from 12.1 points in February also did not coincide with forecast of the economists who had expected its drop to 12 points. The index value in the industrial sector of the eurozone (minus 1.7 points) was the lowest since August 2016. In February, it was at minus 0.4 points. At the same time, consumer confidence improved in March. The corresponding indicator was minus 7.2 points, having risen from minus 7.4 points a month earlier.

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