The BCC survey showed that the UK economy was stuck in a routine


In the third quarter, growth in the British economy slowed down, and business confidence declined, a quarterly survey of the British Chamber of Commerce BCC showed. The balance of production companies that reported a decrease in domestic sales increased to 24 points,of service companies - to 23 points. Domestic orders in the manufacturing sector declined, while in the services sector they increased. The manufacturing industry reduced the balance of export sales to 19 points, export orders - to 14 points, which was the lowest since the end of 2016. The balance of export sales in the services sector declined to 14 points, the balance of export orders did not change, maintaining the level of 12 points. There has been a sharp drop in services companies attractive for hiring to the lowest since the first quarter of 1993 value of 47%. The share of such companies in the sphere of production decreased to 67% from 77%.

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