The amount of construction spending in the US unexpectedly fell in December


In December, construction companies in the United States reduced construction costs by 0.6% from November to $1 trillion 293 billion, the country's Department of Commerce reported. In November, the figure rose by 0.8%. For economists, the fall in spending in December came as a surprise, as they were expecting a 0.2% increase. The cost of private construction fell by 0.6% compared with an increase of 1.3% a month earlier. In housing, the figure declined by 1.4%. At the same time, non-residential construction costs increased by 0.4%. In the field of state-building, there was also a decrease in expenses, here the figure fell by 0.6%. Funds spent on the construction of highways decreased by 0.9%. In annual terms, total construction costs increased by 1.6%.

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