Tesla shipments rose by more than 50% in the second quarter


In the second quarter, supplies of Tesla electric vehicles reached a record level of 95.2 thousand cars. The figure jumped 51.1% from the first quarter, exceeding the economists' estimate of 91 thousand cars. The quarterly sales figure includes 77.55 thousand of Model 3 and 17.65 thousand of Model S and Model X. Over the previous quarter, the American automaker recorded a decline in sales of new electric vehicles by 31%. The number of cars produced by Tesla during the earnings period amounted to 87.048 thousand cars, which also became a record figure. The company is optimistic about further growth in sales and production. At the beginning of the year, Tesla announced the forecast for the current year, which involves the supply of 360 thousand to 400 thousand vehicles per year. However, the results of the first half of the year, during which only less than 160 thousand cars were sold, cast doubt on the implementation of this forecast.

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