Tesla reduced sales by 31% in the first quarter


American manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla following the results of the first quarter reported on the fall in sales by 31% compared to the last quarter of last year to 63 thousand electric vehicles. This number includes 50 thousand 900 of Model 3 and 12 thousand 100 of Model S and Model X. According to experts, a decline was expected to 73.5 thousand cars. They predicted that the number of realized Model 3 will be 54 thousand 600. Despite the fact that the delay in deliveries of Model 3 to Europe and China lowered the overall sales figure, in the first quarter the company sold 2 times more electric vehicles than in the same period of 2018. Tesla had difficulties with the first supply of electric vehicles to markets abroad. The winding down of measures for state support of electric vehicles in the USA was also a negative factor for its sales. The country has already reduced the size of subsidies from 7.5 thousand to 3 thousand 750 dollars, and in 2020 they will be completely abandoned. The company in the first quarter also reduced the production of electric vehicles by 11% from the previous quarter.

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