Ted Baker appoints Rachel Osborne as the new chief executive officer


The British luxury clothing retail company Ted Baker (TED.L) on Monday promoted Chief Financial Officer Rachel Osborne as the new Chief Executive Officer, in substitute to Lindsay Page who resigned a year ago.

The British organization said that the search for a chairman administrator is advancing well and that Sharon Baylay will still lead as acting chair in the meantime.

Osborne, who has worked at Debenhams, John Lewis, and other famous UK retailers, joined the organization in November as its CFO.

“I look forward to leading the business through this critical period of change and seeing the benefits of our plan come to fruition,” Osborne said on Monday.

The announcement came in after the organization shut businesses not long ago due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Osborne’s predecessor, Page left in December after multiple revenue warnings that had come on the back of extreme retail conditions, including curbed spending by shoppers and steep costs.

The British retailer additionally endured a string of executive-related issues, including misconduct allegations in 2018 against founder and top investor Ray Kelvin, who has denied them but had stepped down afterward.



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