Swiss watch exports rose 6.3% in 2018


The supply of watches from Switzerland in December 2018 decreased by 2.8%, but increased over the year by 6.3% to 21.2 billion francs. In November, there was an increase of 3.9%, according to the Federation of the Swiss watch industry. Over the past month, Switzerland has shipped 1.6 billion watches overseas. Export of Swiss watches to Hong Kong increased by 0.5%, to the USA - by 7.9%, to Singapore - by 2.7%, to the UK - by 3.1%. In December, Russia exported watches to the value of 14.6 billion francs - 7.8% more than last year. At the end of the year, the supply of Swiss watches to Russia increased by 25.4% to 194.7 million francs. Last year, watch exports grew in Hong Kong by 19.1%, in the USA - by 8.2%, in China - by 11.7%, and in Japan - by 9.1%. At the same time, the supply of Swiss watches to China fell in December by 10.1%, and to Japan - by 1.7%. At the end of 2018, Switzerland increased its exports to 233.1 billion francs, which is 1.2% more than last year. Imports grew by 6% to 201.8 billion francs.

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