Starbucks to launch ‘Pick-Up’ store


Starbucks to launch ‘Pick-Up’ store

Starbucks is dealing with a work-in-progress store that will be named, “Starbucks Pick-Up,” a store that will only cater to customers who ordered from the Starbucks app.

The first store will be launched in the United States near Penn Station in New York City. But no launching date has been released by Starbucks just yet.

The U.S.-based company’s initiative can be compared to China’s Starbucks Now. Starbucks Now stores in China are for customers who order ahead of time and pick up their drinks in a store that’s relatively smaller from regular stores.

The concept, however, is similar to Luckin Coffee, a café that only accepts payments and orders through its app.

The new Starbucks store is part of the company’s plan to modernize its business by integrating technology into transactions.

“Every store, every community, has its own personality. The idea is to serve the multiple needs of the community,” said CEO Kevin Johnson.

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