SpaceX is preparing to reduce staff by 10%


SpaceX plans to increase the flexibility and adaptability of the company by reducing the staff by 10%. According to the data of 2017, there were about 7 thousand employees in the company, which means that at least 700 of them will lose their jobs. SpaceX management promises to help former employees with job search and will pay an eight-month salary after being fired. The company has already resorted to staff reduction in previous years, which did not prevent the increase in production. Last year, SpaceX broke the record for 2017, having performed 21 launches instead of 18. Last summer several top managers of the company lost their jobs. The reason was the disagreement over the development and testing of the Starlink satellite program. In the framework of the new investment round, SpaceX's capitalization is estimated at $30.5 billion, which is three billion more than it was in April 2018.

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