Cryptocurrency trading signals and their role in successful trading

It is not enough just to trade cryptocurrency - you need to do it as efficiently as possible. And neither beginners nor professionals are not able to regularly conduct profitable trading operations of without outside help. That is why there are special information channels on the crypt. Their goal is to try to help less knowledgeable users in mastering the cryptocurrency market.

They afford to trade effectively, earning over-interest. And all thanks to the timely receipt of cryptosignals. But is it effective and efficient? After all, if this were indeed the case, every second trader would get super-profit only by starting to master the cryptocurrency market. Far from it. So we will understand whether trading with the help of channels is really so efficient or is it a typical deception of the starters.

It should be considered that the crypto signals supplied in the Telegram channels are not identical. For example, they can carry a variety of information (to buy or to notify about the growth). In addition, there are free and paid signals.

In fact, cryptocurrency trading signals are the results of long and persistent analytical work of many specialists. They are worth using, but there are some nuances:

  • even the best professionals sometimes make mistakes, and the cryptocurrency market is not stable. Nevertheless, they can not be completely trusted, because it can be unverified insider information;
  • it is impossible to predict the behavior of different coins, as well as to give one hundred percent guarantee that the signal is correct. So there is always a chance that the information will be erroneous;
  • the signal’s mistake is especially offensive if it is paid;
  • although while using free signals, the probability of error is noticeably higher.

In general, cryptocurrency signals are a pretty good practice. With their help, you can find a little-known but promising cryptocurrency, or learn how to work with a coin that has long been on the market.

The basic notion in simple words

To trade in a crypto-exchange, you need to have an effective strategy. Only some traders have it. For example, to make a profit, you can use one of the most common strategies - alternate short-term trading and long-term investments. But even here, not everything is clear. In particular, how to choose which coin should be sold now and which one should be left for later? Just in this case, we could benefit using signals on cryptocurrency.

They are the result of a detailed prediction of the situation, and can be useful when making the right decisions. If you make such predictions yourself, then traders may misunderstand what is happening in the market of btc and ethereum. Yet not everyone is able to correctly interpret graphic information. Therefore, some self-taught amateur crypto signals do not work. On the contrary, professional options look much safer.

So, crypto signals are a symbiosis of insider information about future changes in the course for certain coins and analysis of the cryptocurrency market. Usually, these are forecasts based on someone else’s analytical work. Seldom, they are based on insider information taken from major players of forex and the crypto market.

Of course, few people will share this information for free, because they have done a very hard work. Therefore, it is usually necessary to pay for cryptosignals. Although there are free offers. However, using only free ones, you may not earn on cryptocurrency or your earnings may be irregular.

Having a subscription to professional cryptosignals, the trader will regularly receive reliable analytical information. Considering this information, you can make a trading decision. Time will show if it is correct.

Possible benefits

It is necessary to take into account that the cryptocurrency market is very mobile, although accuracy of the signals is also good - up to 80-90%. Such crypto signals can have a lot of important benefits:

• They can reduce risks. This is more than a useful function, since, despite the possibility of super-profits, there is an equally high probability of losing all the money. Using the right signals allows you to protect yourself from the most unsuccessful transactions. In other words, the chances of losing money reduce, and the possibility of earning increases;

• Transition to automation. Simply put, the use of signals allows you to discard all the routine work that traders do not like. The user simply remains to follow the direction that sets the cryptosignal. Moreover, you will have a lot of free time;

• They allow you to get rid of doubt. Transactions on the exchange are often associated with emotional component. Traders do not want to build complex patterns of work, and they are guided by emotions. Because of this, winning does not always work. And having a clear guide to action created by a team of professionals, all doubts are discarded, because there is a clear and logical strategy. In addition, any stressful components are excluded.

The sources of signals

Choosing cryptocurrency trading signals, the first thing to do is to determine its source. A trading signal for cryptocurrency can be obtained from different sources.

There are many sources, and in order not to go into the nuances, we can single out a few of the most popular ones:

• Most often, traders use the services of special websites or portals. As a rule, they require payment of discharges, but there are some resources that offer their services absolutely free of charge;

• Groups or communities of closed type. They do not accept all traders into their ranks, but at the same time they share secret insider information that allows them to work properly with crypto currency;

• Services of a professional type, which shows only the latest analytical information. In addition, at these sites, analysis of existing trends is usually proposed;

• Bots and programs. They are universal, therefore they can collect information from several sources simultaneously;

• Thematic forums where users share their own ideas.

Of course, one cannot say that any of the methods listed above provides complete information about cryptocurrency trading. Therefore, in order not to become the prey of wolves of the cryptocurrency world, you should verify the signals for trading cryptocurrencies from different sources.

Useful advice

In addition, if you want to get reliable data, it is better to spend some money. Choose a signal source with great caution, because reliability of the tips depends on the signal’s quality. Although we must consider that even the most reliable source is not called “the immune from errors”. Nevertheless, even making a mistake in the crypto signal, the probability of losing the entire deposit is minimal.

Paid types of signals

The easiest and the most convenient way to get information about the future of cryptocurrencies is to use paid cryptocurrency signals. Of course, it is possible to independently study existing conditions on the market, but it is too long and troublesome. Besides, we can not guarantee that the user can correctly read the information he needs.

It is much more effective if the best minds in this area are engaged. But the professionals are not ready to give their groundwork and get nothing in return. As a result, paid bitcoin signals appear, where in order to obtain the necessary information, you need to pay.

But not every paid service offers quality information. There are many unreliable services that are only trying to earn on the users' gullibility. In order not to become the victim in short terms, there is one universal piece of advice - look at the reviews. They show advantages and disadvantages of all the services.

The most popular sources

In addition, attention should be paid to the conditions of cooperation at the sites. Usually this factor also varies at different resources, where you can get signals to buy cryptocurrency. In addition, these crypto signals come in real time, because you can follow them right from the moment of receipt.

Consider several resources that are highly reliable. They all inspire confidence. These resources are recommended, first of all, for beginner traders who still have little experience.


Cryptotrading from scratch - is it possible? Experience of working with CryptoWolf’s project tells us that yes, it is. CryptoWolfSignal is the very first signal service of the Runet, which began broadcasting signals back in 2017 and has been the industry leader for 3 years now. Composition: a team of professional traders with 6 years of experience in trading on classical markets and 3 years in a cryptocurrency.

The nature of trade: from 1 to 4 transactions daily, the percentage of profitable ones 85-90%. Receiving signals: through a convenient personal account on the site, as well as Privat-chat in Telegram. Exchanges for which signals are given: Binance, BitMEX, etc. Support: yes, with each new client, if necessary, in-person consultation is held, nuances of work on the exchange are explained, etc.

The chat is a big discussion of transactions, events, forecasts, with participation of project traders. Assistance on urgent issues 24/7. Training: yes, in open access on all CryptoWolfSignal resources (website, Telegram- and YouTube-channels) - a collection of unique training materials created with participation of professional teachers and analysts.

Alliance Crypto Trades

We can not say that this is the most reliable resource, but it has some advantages:

  • availability;
  • a high level of reliability;
  • easiness of understanding;
  • easiness of interpreting.

This paid group allows you to obtain reliable information related to cryptocurrency. But before you pay for the information, review details of the website, including its home page with the basic info.

Liberman Trading Signals & Tips

This source of crypto signals for earnings is distinguished by the absence of need to acquire a monthly subscription. Simply put, users can only pay for the signals that are used. It is much more profitable for those traders who rarely use such assistance. It is more profitable for them to pay for single pieces.

At the same time, the size of the stop-loss is 5%, but, according to google, it is desirable to achieve 15-30% growth. It can be seen that professionals work at the resource, because accuracy of forecasts often reaches 70%. Signals are processed by the bot. You must select one or more exchanges where you want to use signals. And if the trade is not planned at the moment, reception of signals can be turned off or limited.

RXI Team

It is one of the famous cryptocurrency platforms created by the RXinvesT team. Its peculiarity is in high-quality signals and insiders related to cryptocurrencies, ICO and more. There is a good educational base for cryptocurrencies and profitable trading.

So users working here will feel confident on cryptocurrency exchanges. You need to pay a hundred dollars for a subscription. For this, the client receives crypto signals generated by the resource team, and not the alien product resold at a very expensive price.

It is a platform designed to provide users with current analytical information related to cryptocurrency. All cryptocurrency signals created here are formed on the basis of current news and insiders. And so that no one doubted veracity of the findings, you have an opportunity to additionally use charts with a profound technical analysis.

Considering the prices, they depend on the client’s needs. For example, if you do not see the need for active trade, but you need a well-formed portfolio, then you can use the services of a VIP package for 100 USD per month. It allows you to see a selection of coins, which in the future will bring considerable profit. By the way, on the same website, you can sort the signals by the coin of interest to the client, and also do some other useful things.

Golden Island

At the moment it is one of the most publicized projects in the traders’ community. It already has many subscribers, although the story is not so old. Surely such a large number of users appeared after the participants noticed serious representatives of the cryptocurrency industry. Not surprisingly, the cost of subscription immediately increased. The right to use the signals costs $ 500, but is valid for a year.


It is kind of repeater, transmitting information from traders from the West to the domestic audience. Most signals are sent to the two top exchanges - Bittrex and Poloniex. Monthly subscription price is 0.02 BTC.


It is one of the top teams, which provides sufficient quality signals for trading cryptocurrency. While using it, you should remember the following:

  • the team provides subscribers with individual support
  • moreover, subscribers receive advice on trading;
  • also, the price of subscription includes the service for tracking the rate of acquired cryptocurrencies, updated in real time;
  • there is the ability to receive instant alerts about changes in the rate.

We should also mention that all cryptocurrency trading signals, alerts and tracking of cryptocurrency rates are possible both through the Telegram bot and in the personal account on the website. Now the service is not working.

In addition, there are other good platforms that offer cryptocurrency signals, so you may independently search for options and resources that offer cryptocurrency signals on a paid basis.

Free signals

Have you heard that free cheese is available only in a mousetrap? With free signals for cryptocurrency, this rule also works. Although there are exceptions; due to them, you can receive signals without losing your last money.

Possible drawbacks

The free resources are mainly written by amateurs, so you can’t trust everything that’s indicated there. If paid resources have accuracy of about 70%, then in the case of free sites this percentage rarely falls short of 50% or even 40%. Therefore, it is up to the trader himself to decide whether to buy cryptocurrency when free signals recommend it, or to think on his own.

The most popular sources

These sources are available and easy to use. They are recommended both for experienced traders and the starters. The work with sources is simple, but they are really efficient.

CryptoGod Signal

It is one of the most popular channels where you can meet quite sensible signals. The delay between the signal is only a couple of seconds, which is quite tolerable. For the convenience of traders, you can choose one of the suggested sources and work using it exclusively. Besides, choosing an informant is also easy. The site maintains monthly statistics on the success of each source, so you should just look through it and make a choice.

Bit Dynamics

It is another interesting channel, which includes mostly proven and relevant crypto trading signals. Also on this page there is an opportunity to see insider information. The channel is suitable for those who want to trade on the cryptocurrency exchange, as it is supported by a team of experienced traders. They even have experience in the stock market.

Alliance Crypto Trades

It is group aimed to look for events that can create a stir in a cryptocurrency environment. And with this information, you can predict future promising events related to cryptocurrency.


The main advantage of this source is not only in the publication of signals. Here you can see information on the main events taking place in the field of cryptocurrency. These insiders often significantly influence the rate of cryptocurrencies.

To tell the truth, there are very few advertisements about this channel, but there are a lot of positive feedback from traders who use it. It is interesting that on the channel they publish stories about disclosure of fraudsters and tell how toavoid them. It helps both starters and experienced traders.

We already mentioned this project while we talked about the paid version, but there is also a free one. Only a part of the signals is visible there, and statistics on them is additionally presented. In general, it is a good choice if you need to get the latest news quickly. The main thing is that they really influence the movement of the coins’ value in the market. By the way, newbies here can also read basic information on cryptocurrencies and the rules of working with them.

But using free resources, be attentive. They are not always created with the purpose of advertising their services or simply with the desire to help people. More often, free signals are calculated on a pump of cryptocurrencies. Simply put, you can’t trust them unconditionally.

Signals from the Telegram

You can find out the cryptocurrency signals in the Telegram. Some of the most affordable offers are mentioned below. They can be trusted, although there are some nuances. Before receiving signals, beginners should consult with experienced traders.


The peculiarity of this resource is that a whole group of professionals from well-known projects gathers here. In particular, analysts working on this Telegram channel come from:

  • CryptoBull;
  • CryptoRocket;
  • CryptoWolf;
  • CryptoAngels

and some more. Users can choose themselves which professional cryptosignals they pay attention to and whom they do not trust. Administration also does not stay passive. They are constantly looking for new sources.


It is divided into paid and free versions. This is one of the first channels with insider signals on cryptocurrency, created by major market players. The office of this site is located on Wall Street. You can contact the English and Russian call centers. Support service works at a high level, making the site even better. They often organize promotion actions and offer various discounts.


This is a Telegram bot whose task is to signal sharp fluctuations in the rate (~ 1% and higher) of cryptocurrencies on such exchanges as Poloniex, Bittrex, Cryptopia.


This is also a popular Telegram-bot, but it signals not only major changes in the course, but also minor changes. This bot already has a huge amount of devoted fans. There are whole groups of crypto signals. Choosing the right source is very important, and the Telegram offers this opportunity.

Pump signals and frauds based on them

The term “pump cryptocurrency” refers to the coins the price of which is artificially increased. Many Telegram channels post information about pumps so that users can make money on this artificial increase in the value of coins. But who is willing to share valuable information in order to help other people? This scheme looks suspicious. And for good reason. Usually this is just an attempt to earn on the gullibility of users, nothing more.

A typical kind of fraud

This scheme of fraud looks like this:

• Suppose that about three thousand people work on the resource (but usually from seven thousand users work on such websites). This is more than enough audience to create a pump. For this to happen, it’s enough just a couple of hours before the event to report it and actively warm up the audience (correctly handling). At the same time, information about the type of pumped coin is closed until the last moment;

• The user enters the exchange and sees an inscription like "PUMP". Panic begins, people answer to the provocation and recklessly enter into the transaction, not checking the exchange rates and charts at other sites. In this case, the chances of selling at least something and earning are very small;

• Those who created the pump sell their coins at a high price, but the rest of the users get practically nothing from the pump. Sometimes they even go to minus. And all because the data shown in the graphs often arrive late or simply wrong. A couple of minutes of delay in trading on cryptocurrency is the same as a few weeks. Of course, it is useless to verify your actions with such a cryptosignal, since when a rollback occurs, the pump continues.

Simply put, success rate in this case is very small. While using pump-signals, no one is in a hurry to talk about the correct entry point. And the people who gave a signal to cryptocurrency pump, blame anyone and anything in this situation, but not themselves. Naturally, one cannot count on such signals. Although it does not stop anyone - neither traders who regularly fall into such traps, nor those who set up these traps. Therefore do not be a victim of dishonest people. Try to think rationally.

Protect yourself from the fraud

In order to protect yourself against fraudsters, you need to follow just a couple of recommendations.

Be careful when choosing a channel specializing in pumps. Of course, there are some really good ones among them, but this is rare. Good channels offer not such a high percentage of successful transactions, but it is higher than that of fraudsters.

Before joining the channel, observe the work of crypto-signaling specialists for a while. If you see that these sources can be trusted, only then follow the indicated recommendations, working on the exchange.

Even choosing a reliable, from the first sight, channel, always check the specified information. For example, look at the charts and track coin prices. This is a safety net that will save you from rash acts.

Such schemes usually work on inexpensive altcoins. If there is no rapid growth on other stock exchanges, then we have a pump. In addition, never believe the channels, which openly urge to buy coins. Most likely, they are also trying to enrich themselves at your expense. Such channels should be turned off immediately.

Rules of successful traders

Let us study some important rules that will allow you to correctly track the growth of cryptocurrency on the basis of the provided signals:

• You should not buy cryptocurrency, if it does not show a growth of at least 5%. And even better if this figure will be even more;

• However, remember that there is a maximum height. For example, experts do not recommend buying a coin, if its growth is more than 15%. It is not a profitable investment. More precisely, the chances to get some profit are minimal;

• Be sure to check social networks for the presence of information from leading personalities on cryptocurrency markets;

• Look at the coin ratings. It is better to work with cryptocurrencies occupying top positions of these ratings.

In general, to make a profit, you should use all the available tools. And never make decisions on the basis of a single crypto signal. Compare different sources.

Some interesting strategies

Novice traders should not chase the illusion of earning quick money: you need to work out a certain strategy and stick to it. First of all, you should remember the basics of risk management:

• if there is confidence in the profitability of the transaction, 10% of the deposit is the maximum amount that should be invested in it;

• 2–5% contribution from the total account is the average for one transaction;

• no more than 1% should be invested in transactions, the reliability of which is doubtable.

“Buy” is the price at which it is worth buying. “Target” is the price at which it is worth selling in order to fix your profits. Traders recommend selling a larger number of coins at the price of Target 1, and either distribute the rest at their discretion or not spend at all.

If a minus comes out of a certain signal, then you should wait a while until the situation changes: an impulsive sale at a loss here only harms. If the price reaches the Stop-loss level, then it is worth exiting the transaction in order not to incur large monetary losses.

On Steemit, one of the materials on cryptocurrency signals was accompanied by visual strategies that can be used when buying / selling currency. As the author writes, their thoughtless use is unlikely to lead to good results. However, with the help of these schemes you can find the entry points to the market of coins that are of interest and start trading.

A good strategic move will also be the purchase of both a currency moving down and one that shows growth. Due to the high volatility of cryptocurrency market, there is never confidence in the reliability of an asset, and the presence in the purse of currencies that demonstrate opposite market trends can compensate for possible losses.

Signals for trading crypto assets

First of all, fluctuations in the rates of cryptocurrency are subject to complex mathematical laws: the price is indicated online at each moment of time; The number and volume of transactions is constantly changing. These indicators are interdependent and it is possible to predict them with some degree of confidence.

For this purpose, so-called indicators are used, which are displayed on the charts of the exchanges themselves or of third-party services that provide analytical data. A huge amount of statistical information is analyzed and displayed in the form of a schematic diagram indicating the profitability of operation at a given point in time for a particular asset.

The ways to find the signals

There are directional or trend indicators, including “moving average”, “Bolinger bands”, “parabolic SAR-curves” and others. There are indicator oscillators that predict a coming price reversal (RSI, MACD, stochastic oscillator, and others). There are also volatility indicators that analyze the potential for growth or decline, volume indicators and others. Some traders also create their own indicators.

Based on these indicators, professional traders create their predictions and can share them or sell them in the form of signals. At the same time, the same designations can be applied to forecasts: trend, oscillators, volatility, potential, and others. The sources on the basis of which the trading signals are built can be obtained using: fundamental analysis (news, rumors, events, etc.); technical analysis (mathematical model for analyzing graphs on history); insider information.

The latter type of signals is considered very valuable for traders. The sources of such forecasts are successful professionals and their teams, cryptocurrency developers, owners of stock exchanges, and operations support services. Signals can be given in the form of notifications in social networks, specialized groups and on specialized sites. Such messages indicate the profitability of acquisition or sale of cryptocurrencies, usually in the short or medium term.

Possible drawbacks of using the signals

The advantages of signals are visible when buying (selling) a cryptocurrency, when it was possible to pick up a good point in time (signal-oscillator) for this. Trend signals are useful during long-term investments. Volume signals indicate at what price a large number of assets were bought and sold. However, as any statistical indicator, the signal for crypto-trade has some drawbacks that are worth remembering. Ideally, it should be one of the additional tools and not replace common sense. You should not blindly rely on one indicator or signal in your strategy; you must be able to see other, possibly contradictory factors.

The most important disadvantages

Sometimes the signals can be “delayed”, especially when it comes to trend signals, when they reflect an already occurring trend, which is noticeable to all players. Also, you should remember the following nuances:

  • often the signals indicate a price reversal after it has already happened;
  • the features of individual signals and possible contradictions between them should be carefully considered;
  • some signals are good in a sharply volatile market, others in a market with established trends;
  • The ability to correctly understand (interpret) received signal is a very important skill. But only some starters have it.

In the absence of skills and experience, the most operational and informative paid signal will not be correctly understood and worked out by a novice-trader.

Provision of unreliable data

Like all stock trading, the cryptocurrency market is not free from fraud. Often, fraudulent schemes are created by those who do not have the ability to effectively trade assets with skills and experience; instead, they “trade signals”, which leads to losses for trustful traders. In this case, an inexperienced player not only loses money on the stock exchange, but also pays the fraudster for putting an unprofitable signal to him. Free channels often provide inaccurate information.

However, paid channels are not a guarantee of success: the level of confidence, on closer examination, is not much higher than on free resources. Here, only experience and, possibly, a parallel subscription to many channels can help the trader in order to reject inaccurate and insufficiently high-quality sources over time.

Unfortunately, among paid channels there are entire fraudulent networks with referral programs, in which all income is generated not through qualitative analysis and data processing, but only through the involvement of new users. There are such scammers who collect groups of inexperienced traders in order to manipulate the rates of low-liquid coins.

The subtleties of fundamental and technical analysis when trading cryptocurrencies are not available to most market participants, which are widely used by famous personalities (dishonest people), the creators of exchanges and scam artists. Some users prefer to pay for high-quality signals or spend time studying free ones. But someone decides to do their own analysis of the cryptocurrency market, starting with the basics and studying professionals’ blogs. These days, a professional trader is one who once chose the third option.


Signals on the cryptocurrency market are similar to insider information. It appears among the major players and as it “merges” to smaller market participants, or analytical information obtained by the expert based on his experience in trading on the stock exchange. Such recommendations are usually associated with the purchase and sale of a particular cryptocurrency, investing in new ICO projects and participation in the Pump & Dump strategy.

The use of trading signals is based on the desire for quick earnings, trader's gambling and his trust in the information provider. However, as you know, in the cryptocurrency market, quick money always carries with it enormous risks and losses, and trust to third parties - with a high probability of fraud. No matter how seductive are success stories in the spirit of “went to bed poor, but woke up rich”, in a young, dynamic market you should always keep your ears up and realize that none of the traders want to share information that will enrich other players on the exchange.

If you still want to try signal strategies on yourself, then for this, first of all, you need to monitor the market, look at how these or other proposed schemes work and whether they work at all, carefully selecting the sources of information. In any case, the choice always remains for the trader: to blindly trust someone's opinion, to neglect this opinion absolutely, or to correctly use and interpret all received information.

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