Bitcoin trading signals: what are they and how to use them

Cryptocurrency trading is available to almost any person that can afford a minor investment today. For some people it’s a simple hobby, for others it’s fun, and someone considers this as his work.

A lot of traders often use specific crypto trading signals. Using these can help all traders, from newcomer to professional, as they provide valuable information: when to buy or sell a specific coin. There are a lot of services, groups in Telegram and sites that provide these. When you trade with MaxiTrade, there also is a possibility to check the latest signals for any currency.

What are crypto trading signals?

Crypto signals are trade suggestions or ideas for buying or selling a specific coin at a certain time and price. These can be generated both manually by a professional trader or automatically by using bots and algorithms with an automatic informing system.

There are several platforms that allow copy trading. This gives you the possibility to share your trades on the platform with other users and earn an extra profit when they use your strategy. At the same time, you also can use other people's trades if you consider them profitable enough.

MaxiTrade offers it’s own trading signal algorithm that is available for free for all registered users. However, there are a lot of other services online that offer free and paid signals. It is more reliable to get a paid subscription with these services, as they have no sense of giving users good information and really do spend time on making researches. Usually, monthly and annual subscriptions are offered, but there also are services that ask payment for every signal.

After that, the provider of these signals will have to inform you by any way about a good chance to buy or sell coins on the market. This can be done via email, SMS or any other way. It’s really important so that the user would get the information as fast as possible, as signals don’t last forever and can be outdated in a few minutes.

Additionally, almost every signal provider offers a stop-loss and take-profit. These criteria show the sum you can lose or earn. For example, you have bought a coin that costs $7,450 dollars. If the trade in the nearest future is successful and the signal is correct, you will earn $8,200 dollars ($750 clean money). If everything goes wrong, you stop-loss calculates that you will have $7000. This means that you will only lose $450 dollars and if the price starts dropping, you will sell the currency with a minimum loss.

There also exist specific bots that automatically trade. They are based on the signal information and can often calculate their own prediction. It’s hard to find free bots. Usually they are distributed for a payment that is individual for every developer. We shall have a look at the bot matter a bit lower.

Trading signal elements

There a some basic elements in any signal that are important to be known. By seeing these, you can mostly be sure that this is a quality signal that wasn’t just made up by some random person. There are 5 elements that must be in any signal.

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that the trade that is being completed by the recommendations will bring you a 100% profit. There always is some risk, especially in matters that involve investments.

Action - buy or sell

The first thing you should look at is the action you should do. If we talk about cryptocurrencies, there can only be two choices: buy or sell. There is nothing else to say here - just make sure the signal is trustable and make a deal.

What currency to use?

Then you should check out the currency your provider is referring to. It is important not to mistake the coin, as signals are not universal. For example, usually signals are offered for the most popular currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. Select these on the trading platform you use a trade.

The price

The next thing that requires attention is the price. You can find providers that offer the current market price, but usually they write a value that is a bit higher or lower just in case. If you are given a signal that shows the current market price, you should make a deal as fast as possible. If you are too late, you might lose the moment and not earn anything at all. The market just might move to fast. This is especially referred to Bitcoin as it has extremely fast price changes.

Additionally, the provider might offer prices for specific exchange services or brokers, so they might have a minor difference. The best solution here is to use special arbitraging trading software that can help you forget about losing money for being not fast enough.

The signal might even be used in the next few hours if the market didn’t move too much. But at this rate, there is a high chance that you will lose the potential profit and earn a smaller sum. However, this is definitely better than getting nothing at all.

Take-profit and Stop-loss

These two things should be included in every signal. These allow the trade to work without your presence. You enter the stop loss and take profit values in the broker platform you use and let it do everything on its own. You can even stop monitoring the market and go for a walk - the system will prevent losing too much money for you and will sell the currency at the most profitable price.

There is no need for the users himself to close the trade, This might be hard to do for the first few times as not every provider explains why should it be done this way and what’s the plan. If it is a professional, then you can just trust him.

By having these two indicators you can make sure that the trade will not have a high negative effect on your money and you will earn a good sum if everything goes as planned. The main thing is that the provider is a real professional and knows what is he doing.

Additional information

As the final basic element we have the additional information section. Usually, here it is possible to find an explanation, strategy or analysis results that make the provider offer this action. Sometimes, providers also write till what time it is better to close the trade and wait for the next signal.

This section isn’t that important as the previous ones, but it is commonly used. It’s good for understanding the situation on the market. Popular and respected providers do not neglect this feature as it shows their professionalism.

So, as we see, these five basic elements actually are really important. Everything but the last element must be included in the recommendation, otherwise it gets too risky for unexperienced users. That is why we believe it's better to use MaxiTrade as only these are available on the platform with a possibility of live trading. They are updated automatically so you won’t have to worry about their expiry.

Crypto trading charts

Cryptocurrency traders can be divided in two groups.The first group keeps people that want to put in some effort and learn, practice, get new knowledge on the topic and even live with it. The second group includes people that want easy money without putting any effort.

Crypto trading recommendations are a really good thing for people who consider themselves being included in the second group. This way there is no need to learn a lot of new information and spend time analyzing the market as there is a possibility to use someones strategy or signal. All you need is to have the money for investment.

If you think that you can be or are included in the first group, then it is recommended to analyze the market on your own and find the best signals for yourself. Maybe, when you are good enough in this, you could even start a site or channel about it.

By using someones signals, users basically shift the responsibility to the provider. If anything goes wrong, he is the first person that is blamed. This is wrong - cryptocurrency trading always includes risks, so even if you have basic skills in the topic, try to look around a bit before following someones strategy. If the first times work out well enough and you see that the provider can be trusted, you can relax a bit. But if there are losses, you can’t completely blame the person for sharing the strategy. This might be relatable only if you pay a sum for it.

Successful and profitable trading almost always requires you to make an investment and take some responsibility. That is why you need to understand the reasons behind any trade signals. This way you will learn more and will be able to make a higher profit.

Stop loss and take profit calculation

It’s important to understand the way the stop loss and take profit criteria is calculated. This matter is quite simple, especially if calculated in US dollars, but better revise it once more.

As an example, we shall use Bitcoin. This is the most popular cryptocurrency that has a lot of things that make it unique: it’s the most expensive on the market, can be traded in smaller quantities than one unit, has a limited supply of 21 million Bitcoins and the last Bitcoin is calculated to be mined by May 2140.

Let’s imagine that we are going to buy 0.14 Bitcoin for $250. The price at which the deal was opened (entry price) is $1839.89. If the take profit criteria is set at $2173.27, then the profit will be $333.38 per coin. To calculate the profit of your deal you have to multiply the size of the coin traded on the profit per coin. Let’s take the precise price: 0.135491 X $333.38 = $45.17 dollars of profit. After that, consider the fees charged by the broker or any other commissions that should be paid. This is going to be your clean profit.

What cryptocurrencies can signals be found for?

Trading recommendations are mostly issued for popular currencies that allow to earn a good sum of money. Mostly you can find trading signals for Bitcoin, as it is the most expensive cryptocurrency on the market and has a lot of changes in price based on different factors. Ethereum, Ripple, Altcoin signals can be found too.

MaxiTrade offers signals for every possible trading variant. This way you don’t even need to search for providers in the internet - you can just use the tool in the trading platform. It gives you three recommendations:

  • Buy;
  • Sell;
  • Stay neutral.

Everything is based on the previous changes for the latest time. Even by not knowing a lot about trading, any user can use these signals to trade and get the best results possible.

How to use MaxiTrade trading signals

As we have already said, MaxiTrade offers its users free signals based on automated research and expert reviews. These are available both on mobile and PC.
To get access in the mobile app, first download MaxiTrade from Play Market or App Store. After that, register a new or login into an existing account. You will see that the first screen on is “Favorites”. Let’s imagine, that you need to find some trading signals specifically for Bitcoin. For this you need to swipe from the left to the right side of the screen to open a menu. In the bottom of the first section is situated the “Cryptocurrency” sector. Press it and select Bitcoin. It usually is in the top of the list. If you can’t find it, use the “Search” line by entering the first letters or full name of the currency you are searching for.

Press the currency name once you find it. A graphic that changes every second will open. In the top left corner, right under the “Free Balance” text press the “i” in the circle. This way you will open the trading signal sector. Here you can find the moving average, indicators, the recommended action (buy, sell or neutral), pivot points. You can choose to see information based on the last 1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

From this same spot you can buy or sell coins by entering the amount and choosing the action. After the amount of coins is entered, you can see the margin in United States Dollars under it.

A limit order can be placed too by selecting this option in the trading screen. It is situated in the right top corner of the screen. Here you too can enter the coin amount or price that you want to create an order for buying or selling the for.

If you are searching for trading signals of any other currency, just do the same thing based on the instruction above. Just change the section or name and do the same things.

What can impact Bitcoin?

All traders know that Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency at the moment. In fact, it always was. But if the economic state of physical currencies can be predicted by various events or news in the world, this isn’t that simple for cryptocurrencies.

Even if you only use Bitcoin trading signals to earn money without looking into the matter on you own, it’s better to have some understanding on how the price is formed. The very first thing is anything related to this currencies system’s development. Even though it’s the most established coin in the crypto world, it’s just too young in comparison with the American Dollar or British pound. This is a reason that some events actually can move its price drastically.

The system development might have both a positive and negative impact. This basically affects the internal structure of how this cryptocurrency works. There also is a blockchain congestion problem that the Bitcoin community faces almost every day. This issue can be solved by increasing the block size capacity. However, it requires a lot of work to do.

Another issue is the global financial crisis. Bitcoin is considered to be decentralised and not connected with any governmental financial institutions. If there are problems with central banks or an economy crisis appears, people can use Bitcoin as a safe choice.

At the same time, some governments intervene in the way Bitcoin works. For example, the People’s Bank of China banned all financial institutions that had dealt with Bitcoin far in 2013. That issue made Bitcoin lose more than 50% of its price as a massive sell off has appeared.

Which currencies are correlated with Bitcoin?

As we know, correlation is also considered to be a good trading signal. Just like Ripple XRP is correlated with Ethereum, the same goes for Bitcoin which is correlated with Ethereum and Litecoin.

If you do not know how correlation works, here is a small example. If the price for Litecoin or Ethereum raises, it is most likely that the same thing will happen to Bitcoin. And on the contrary. if the price falls, it is expected for Bitcoin to lose some value too. The same thing happens to Ethereum and Litecoin when Bitcoin grows or falls. The reason is that Bitcoin is the top currency on the crypto market, so it’s growth benefits all other coins as well.

There also is such a chance that weak cryptocurrencies benefit when Bitcoin falls, but this is mostly an exception.

What is the best way to trade Bitcoin?

Bitcoin trading is considered to be very risky as this currency has immense volatility. Some brokers offer unleveraged and some offer leveraged trading. It is better to trade without using high leverage, as the payment for failure will be too high. High leverage can both increase your profits and losses.

Traders also use wider stop losses as it is done when working with currency pairs. Mostly, professionals use Forex or stocks trading techniques. There are a lot of strategies. A great example is the “buy and hold” strategy that has brought most investors really good results. Even when Bitcoin seemed to fall completely, a lot of people kept it till the last moment. Some even invested more money to buy it. Every time Bitcoin has grown in price and reached even higher results.

Can auto-trading bots be trusted?

It also is possible to find people offering to buy specific auto-trading bots that make automated researches to predict the future price of any coin. These programs might seem to be an easy way to become rich, but they have their limits. Bots cannot take into consideration world events and other factors that can influence the future value.

A bot can be good when you have no time to spend but really want to try trading Bitcoin. Advantages are:

  • No need for personal research;
  • bots automatically consider trading signals;
  • bots are faster than humans, so they can grab the best deals;
  • you need to spend minimum time for trading;
  • can be considered as an autonomous source of income.

This might seem too good This might seem too good, right? But there are some problems here as well:

  • Bots aren’t humans so they can’t take every aspect into consideration;
  • not all bots are good and trustworthy;
  • you might have to spend some time by tuning the bot;
  • sometimes bots can make serious mistakes and make you lose money.

It’s like a coin that has two sides. You should consider that there is a high chance that you will be cheated and will receive a bad program or nothing at all. There also were situations when bots worked perfectly, but after they gained enough profit the sent the money to the initial developer.

That is why it really is better to do everything on your own. You can use the “buy and hold” strategy on the MaxiTrade trading platform if you have not got enough time to look after the market every day. Depending on your account level, you can have a personal analyst that can help you with the matter and develop a strategy.

This way, you will invest into the most perspective coins or choose another thing to invest to. MaxiTrade offers work with currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks and bonds. Maybe you might be interested in something else, so make sure you check that out too.

Is Bitcoin good for future trading?

Various experts have different opinions on this topic. Mostly, one thing is sure - in the nearest few years Bitcoin is most likely to stay on the top and even grow in price. This is mostly connected with the blockchain technology that gains more and more interest from financial institutions and investors as it is a great way to make worldwide transactions with minimum fees and time.

As we have seen in the past, there were moments at which this cryptocurrency falled really hard. Every time it managed to grow in price again and reach top limits. This makes investors stay interested, because if they catch the moment, there is a great possibility to hit the jackpot.

Nevertheless, the development of Bitcoin makes other coins in the crypto world grow too. Almost all of them benefit from it and it is a rare occasion if some coins benefit from the leader’s fall.

It is also important to admit, that is it calculated that the last Bitcoin will be mined by May 2140. The demand is going to be immense by that time and we know that high demand means high prices. But the less coins are available for mining, the harder it becomes to get them. If in the past it was possible to get 1 Bitcoin in a few weeks by using the strongest computers, in the future you will only be able to get 0.1 for the same amount of time.

Where can I find Bitcoin trading signals?

MaxiTrade offers its users signals and recommendations for anything that can be traded on the platform. The broker has his own algorithm that allows to calculate an almost precise prediction.

If you want to have more, there are specific Telegram channels, Discord servers or sites that are completely dedicated to trading signals. Not all of them offer free recommendations. Some require you to pay a sum per every offer or buy a subscription. There is no guarantee that all the signals are going to be 100% profitable. Always remember to check user reviews about the provider you choose. Do not spend big sums at once - at first, try checking the offers with small investments. If they work out, you can try to go for something bigger. A safe option can be to use the MaxiTrade signal system as it completely refers to the graphics and prices on the platform and is synchronised. Additionally, you won’t lose time as you can make a deal straight from the signal windows live.

Can I make my own trading recommendations?

If you consider yourself a professional, you definitely can try different ways of increasing your profit. Once you figure out some specific signals, you can even become a provider yourself. The main problem is that you have to spend more time and energy to analyse the market, news and other stuff that can have an impact on prices.

Also, you should always self develop. It is very important not to stop on one stage. Even if you think this is the top, there always is something higher! Don’t quit reading different on-topic books, materials or researches. Spend some time to listen to news or attend webinars to hear out other professionals opinions.

Anyway, the answer is definitely “yes”. If you have good skills, there are not going to be any problems for you. Just learn, practice, develop and love the thing you are doing.

Why should i trust MaxiTrade?

MaxiTrade is an international broker that has more than 10 years of experience on the market. There are a lot of satisfied clients that work with this company for a long time and earn a lot by doing something they like. A lot of positive reviews should also show that the broker is trustworthy.

The offered trading platform is available on PC and mobile as a browser version and as a mobile app for iOS and Android. One of the biggest advantages of the platform given specifically by MaxiTrade is that it has a simple, yet functional design. All tools are available in one spot and are located in the most accessible sections.

Deals can be opened in only one click, so this makes sure that trading is fast, precise and comfortable. You can instantly check trading signals based on the information that was automatically gathered for the last 1, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes. Even without having a perfect understanding of the way trading on this market works, you can use signals that recommend certain actions like buy, sell or don’t do anything.

Another benefit is that there is a possibility for registered users to attend webinars where future events and the market are reviewed. Additionally, these webinars often offer beginners a lot of valuable information that is needed for a successful start.

MaxiTrade also has its own trading school where newcomers and amateurs are taught. There are various courses that include both theory and practice. Some educational materials are available for free for all registered users.

Finally, there are a lot of regular promotions. For example, beginners get a welcome bonus that increases the deposit by some percentage. Previously registered users also have a lot of promotions they can use. It all depends on the kind of event that is being held.

Register and start trading now!

To start trading and using Bitcoin trading signals one must create a personal brokerage account first. To do this, open MaxiTrade’s main page. In the right corner is going to be a registration form that must be filled in. Enter your:

  1. Name.
  2. Surname.
  3. Mobile phone number.
  4. Email.
  5. Created a password.

Confirm that you are over 18 years old and hit the blue “Register” button. You will be automatically redirected to your newly created account. To skip any misunderstanding in the future, it is recommended to confirm your identity at once.

In the “Documents” section you can upload your passport, foreign passport or driver licence. Additionally you should also upload a document that confirms your address. If there is a need, two more documents can be uploaded.

The next step is making a deposit. Select the needed section and choose the most comfortable way for you to top up your account. The minimum sum is 1 euro - it can be a good choice for you to try yourself in trading if you still aren’t confident enough. You can buy some cheap coins on the platform and start trading with them. If everything goes okay, top up your account for a higher sum to earn more.

Top ups affect your account status. Higher levels offer personal analysts, creating personal strategies, trading recommendations, faster withdrawals and other benefits. This is great for those who want to “dive” into the trading world with all possible advantages.

After you are ready, press the blue “Trade” button in the top left corner and start trading!

The mobile app

Mobile users can use the MaxiTrade app for more comfort and speed. Trading on the way is now possible for anyone, so why not to turn simple monotonous trips in buses or any other public transport into a way to earn some money?

The MaxiTrade mobile app can be downloaded from Play Market or App Store depending on the phone platform. Registration will take less than a minute. If you already have an account, just login with your email and password. After making a deposit you can start trading at once. All needed information can be found in the left side menu.

What are you waiting for?

While you are still hesitating, thousands of traders are earning money at home! All you need to hop in is to register on MaxiTrade, get acquainted with all available educational materials and start trading!

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