Shale gas reserves in China exceeded 1 trillion cubic meters

Shale gas reserves in China currently exceed 1 trillion cubic meters, the Ministry of Natural Resources of China reported. In 2017, the explored oil reserves in the country fell to 877 million tons from 1 billion 552 million tons in 2012, natural gas reserves decreased from 961 billion cubic meters to 555 billion 500 million cubic meters. According to Xinhua News Agency, in 2017, the recoverable oil reserves in China increased by 1.2% in annual terms, natural gas reserves - by 1.6%, shale gas reserves - by 62%. Ju Jianhua, the head of the ministerial group for the supervision of conservation of mineral resources, said that the explored reserves of shale gas in China in April 2018 exceeded 1 trillion cubic meters against 918 billion 800 million cubic meters fixed at the end of 2017.

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