Samsung revs up, introduces 5G Galaxy S20 to counter rivals Apple, Huawei


Samsung Electronics introduces its latest smartphone innovation, flaunts a foldable phone with a 5G mobile network to intensify fierce competition with mobile companies, Apple and Huawei on Tuesday.

Samsung is out to maintain its status as the biggest global phone company as it introduces its latest offering, Galaxy s20, a smartphone that sports a 5G mobile network, a feature that neither Apple nor Huawei has integrated into their phones as of date.

The company noted that its three Galaxy S20 models will be offered with higher prices than predecessors (including Z flip which still has the 4G mobile network), when they become available in stores in March with a $999 price.

“Everybody wants it to have 5G, but with the segment, they’re targeting of style-conscious younger folks, right now I think they are going to be okay,” said Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy, pertaining to Z Flip not having the 5G technology.

However, some analysts think that Samsung S20, a smartphone sporting four cameras, will not surpass those of its predecessor.

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