Sales of new cars in the UK fell by 3.4% in March


In March, which economists consider the key month for the British car market, sales of new cars in the UK fell by 3.4% for the year, reaching 458 thousand 54 cars, according to a report by the Society of Motor Manufacturer and Traders. The demand for new cars fell amid the lack of agreement on Brexit, as well as due to the tightening of requirements for cars with a diesel engine. SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes points out that in order to stabilize consumer demand, an agreement with the EU is needed that would regulate its future relationship with the UK. Last month, the demand for cars from the business side fell by 44.8%. At the same time, retail sales showed a decrease of 2.8%. Growth in sales by 5.1% was observed in the category of new cars that run on gasoline, while cars with a diesel engine were sold 21.4% less. A record figure for March reached the sale of cars on new energy sources. Their figure increased by 7.6% to 25 thousand 302 cars.

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