Sales of homes in the secondary market in the US rose in February by 11.8%


In February, 5,510,000 homes were sold in the secondary market in the United States, which is 11.8% more than in January, the National Association of Realtors reported. The February growth rate was the most significant since 2015. According to experts, sales were expected to grow by 2.2%. The number of homes sold in February in the secondary market was the highest since March 2018. According to experts, the stabilization of the market, which occurred after its decline for almost the entire past year, is due to statements by the leaders of the US Federal Reserve about the suspension of the rate hike process, as well as lower mortgage rates and a steady consumer confidence level. On average, the price of housing last month amounted to 249.5 thousand dollars, having increased by 3.6% over the year. The number of homes for sale was 1 million 630 thousand. The figure increased by 3.2%. Growth in sales of single-family homes was 13%. At the same time, the number of sales of apartment buildings has not changed compared to January.

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