Sales of electric vehicles in China increased by 2.5 times for the first 4 months of the year

In China, total vehicle sales, including trucks and buses, rose 11.5% in annual terms to 2 million 320 thousand units in April, the China Automobile Manufacturers Association (CAAM) said. Cars were sold in the amount of 1 million 910 thousand, which is 11.2% more than a year earlier, thanks to the measures taken by the authorities to stimulate demand for electric vehicles. Sales of cars increased by 4.8%, of commercial vehicles - by 6.6%. The implementation of electric cars in April reached 81,904 cars, and in the first 4 months of the year the figure increased by 149% in annual terms to 225 thousand 310 cars. According to The Wall Street Journal, experts predict that sales of electric vehicles in China will exceed 1 million units this year. In the first quarter, China accounted for about half of the global sales of electric vehicles.

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