Ryanair increased its share in Austrian LaudaMotion to 100%


Irish low-coster Ryanair received 100% of the Austrian airline LaudaMotion. The deal was completed in December, LaudaMotion reports in a message. The company confirmed the purchase of a 100% stake of its shares by low-cost airline Ryanair. The deal makes LaudaMotion a complete “daughter” of the Irish corporation, which owns the largest airline in Europe. The deal with Ryanair will allow LaudaMotion to increase its fleet to 30 Airbus planes by the summer of 2020. Passenger traffic will increase to 7.5 million in 2021 against the current 4 million. The carrier will update routes from Vienna, Düsseldorf and Palma de Mallorca next month. The European Commission has already approved the deal. Irish Ryanair initially announced the purchase of a 24.9% stake in LaudaMotion, in August it increased its share to 75%.

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