Queen Elizabeth to spill Johnson’s post-Brexit plans during speech


Queen Elizabeth to spill Johnson’s post-Brexit plans during speech

Queen Elizabeth of England will announce during her speech will present legal pieces reforming Britain’s justice system as well as post-Brexit plans of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The speech is set to divulge details about the bills the government wants to enact in 2020. Moreover, the speech of the queen will layout 22 bills as proposed legislation.

“Keeping people safe is the most important role of any government, and as the party of law and order it is the Conservatives who are cracking down on crime and better protecting society,” a statement from the prime minister’s office.

It will also feature a law to enact a Brexit deal, though no exact details can be given as of writing. The speech will also cover election campaign issues including the health service and living standards.

“Having the Queen’s Speech and the State Opening of Parliament tomorrow is ludicrous, utterly ludicrous,” said Corbyn. “What we’ve got in effect is a party political broadcast from the steps of the throne.”

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