Profit of Twitter increased almost 3 times in IV quarter


Twitter Inc., the owner of the microblogging network of the same name, increased its net profit 2.8 times in the fourth quarter of 2018 to $255.3 million compared to $91.1 million in 2017. Earnings per share were 33 cents versus 12 cents a year earlier. The adjusted earnings reached 31 cents per share, higher than analysts predictions of 25 cents per share. Revenue exceeded forecasts - from $732 million to $909 million compared to the expected $866.7 million. Advertising brought Twitter a quarter more revenue - $791 billion in annual terms. The number of users who are active at least once a month decreased by 5% over the quarter to 321 million people. In the future, the company will stop using this indicator and switch to the number of “monthly monetized active users”. This figure increased by 9% to 126 million people. Twitter's revenue exceeded $3 billion in 2018 against $2.44 billion a year earlier. Profit was $1.2 billion against a loss of $108 million last year.

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