Producer prices in the euro area fell in May by 0.1%


Producer prices in the euro area fell in May by 0.1% compared to April, when they decreased by 0.3%, Eurostat reported. Compared with May of last year, the figure increased by 1.6%. Energy sector companies reduced prices by 0.6% over the month. Intermediate goods also showed lower prices. The rise in prices was noted in the categories of capital and consumer durable goods by 0.1%, while consumer non-durable goods went up by 0.2%. The indicator that does not take into account the cost of energy, compared with the previous month, has not changed. The EU countries in May kept producer prices in monthly terms at the level of April, whereas over the year they grew by 1.9%. The energy sector announced a monthly decline in prices by 0.3%. Intermediate goods fell by 0.1%. Capital goods showed rising prices - by 0.1%, non-food consumer goods - by 0.2%. Prices that do not include energy, rose by 0.1%.

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