Private investors will have access to Finland’s railway projects


Finland plans to attract private investors to new projects in the railway sector. The cost of projects will be at least 7.5 billion euros by 2030. Finland plans to connect the main airport of the country with St. Petersburg. The government expects to restrain the growth of public debt. Therefore, to finance projects, Finland does not use budget funds, but private investment. The national debt ratio has already fallen below 60% of GDP, but amid an aging population, its share may rise again. The country will complete at least two large projects in the railway sector by 2030. As part of one of the projects, the Finnish Helsinki-Vantaa Airport will be connected to the country's third city, Tampere. The second project will reduce the time to travel from Helsinki to Turku. The third project implements a direct train connection between Helsinki-Vantaa and St. Petersburg.

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