Philippines to add tax on e-cigarettes, not ban


Philippines to add tax on e-cigarettes, not ban

“I don’t think we’re going to ban it.”

Carlos Dominguez, Finance Secretary of the Philippines said the country will not ban e-cigarettes in the market. Instead, the government will increase the excise tax on it to discourage citizens to buy and use e-cigarettes amid an alarming global concern over their health risks.

“Our view is it’s been around and it’s too widespread already in the Philippines to ban these e-cigarettes.”

The House of Representatives is currently looking into the possibility of enacting a law addressing e-cigarettes use in the country as Dominguez said. A group of lawmakers recently paid a visit to Geneva to talk with the World Health Organization and know more about the health impact of e-cigarettes.

In July, the Philippines already imposed an excise tax on vapes and heat-not-burn tobacco quickly followed by a proposal to increase rates to level them with the price of traditional cigarettes.

The bill is backed by their President, Rodrigo Duterte and the entire government that aims to discourage users, especially among Filipino youth.

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