Over 250 companies plan to move to the Netherlands after Brexit


According to Idependent, more than 250 companies are negotiating with the Netherlands in order to move there after the British exit from the EU. Companies want to have access to the EU market after the Brexit agreement enters into force. Some major global market players are already planning to move from Britain to the Netherlands. Sony recently announced the transfer of headquarters. Panasonic will move to Amsterdam next year. In 2017, the number of companies discussing moving from the UK did not exceed 80. At the beginning of last year, there were already 150 such companies, and now their number has grown to 250. The growing uncertainty of future relations between Britain and the European Union will lead to an even greater number of companies leaving the country. The European Medicines Agency also moves to the Netherlands. Some companies have planned relocation from the UK to Dublin, Paris, Luxembourg and Frankfurt.

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