Orders of German industrial enterprises decreased by 4.2% in February


The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy reported that in February, orders from industrial enterprises in the country fell by 4.2% compared to January, when their decline was 2.1%. Such a significant drop in orders was a surprise for economists, who had predicted an increase of 0.3%. The annual volume of orders fell even more, noting a decrease of 8.4% after a 3.6% drop in January. Industrial enterprises for the month reduced the volume of domestic orders by 1.6%. Orders from other countries decreased by 6%. The eurozone noted a decrease in orders by 2.9%. The volume of orders for consumer goods dropped by 3.5%, for production equipment - by 6%. The agency expects that in the coming months, foreign demand will remain weak, which will have a bad effect on the volume of industrial production in the country.

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