Trading week of HIGH PROFITS in connection with the main events of the month

Two days, awaited by millions of traders in order to benefit from the US!


OPEC Meeting

The most important day in the market, when oil prices are announced. Who will win: Trump, who wants to lower prices, or Russia, which is struggling for price increase? There is a fierce competition, the market is waiting for maximum fluctuations, and you have the opportunity to get a maximum profit!


NFP data release

The last NFP in 2019 grand event, without exaggeration. It reflects the state of the US economy for the whole year. The value of the dollar depends on this indicator. This Friday, we are waiting for the unreal market movements, which means huge opportunities for earnings!

Aby się dowiedzieć w jaki sposób można zarobić na najważniejszych wiadomościach kończącego się roku,
zapraszamy na dwa webinary handlowe od najlepszych analityków firmy:

December 05
12:00 - 17:00 (GMT) OPEC Meeting and NFP data release




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