Oil shipments from the United States to China dropped sharply in the third quarter


China has lost the status of the largest buyer of American oil, which had in the first half, The Wall Street Journal writes. In the third quarter, oil exports from the United States to China plummeted amid a trade war between the two countries. Data on the movement of tankers, as well as the results of a survey of traders showed a complete lack of supplies of American oil in August and the purchase of only 31,000 barrels per day in September. China in these months switched to deliveries from Russia and Saudi Arabia. Kpler reported that Saudi Arabia increased oil exports to China by 258 thousand barrels, Russia – by 200 thousand barrels per day. However, according to the EIA, the USA in September increased exports to 2,600,000 barrels per day from 500,000 barrels per day in December 2015 due to new markets such as India, Georgia, Denmark and others.

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