Oil prices rose at the end of last week

The rise in oil prices at the end of the last week intensified based on the news of the introduction of additional duties on the import of Chinese goods into the US and China's intention to respond to this with similar measures. Experts believe that the problems in foreign trade can lead to a slowdown in GDP growth in the US and China, which will reduce the global demand for oil. China in June bought a record 15 million barrels of oil in the US, becoming the largest importer of American oil. The economist at Capital Economics, Tom Pugh, suggested that if the United States imposed new duties, then China would impose a charge on US oil in response. The cost of the October futures for Brent crude on Friday increased by 78 cents to 72 dollars 85 cents a barrel. September futures for oil WTI went up by 88 cents to 67 dollars 69 cents per barrel.

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