Oil prices rise as it gets closer to the final stages of the US-China trade negotiations


Benchmark crudes rise in price as it gets closer to the final stages of trade negotiations between the US and China. Baker Hughes' report on the reduction in the number of existing drilling rigs in the United States also pushed up oil prices. Brent crude on Monday by 15:43 Moscow time, rose in price by 55 cents, its cost was 67 dollars 39 cents per barrel. The price of WTI crude oil rose 47 cents to 56 dollars 27 cents per barrel. It is expected that a trade agreement between the United States and China may be signed by the leaders of the two countries on March 27. Over the past week, the number of rigs in the United States dropped to its lowest value in almost 9 months. This information gave investors hope that US output growth rates could slow down.

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