Oil prices finished the third consecutive week with growth


Following the result of last week, oil prices rose for the third consecutive week. The market is waiting for the second round of US sanctions against Iran, demonstrating concerns over the shortage of raw materials. At the end of last week, the price of Brent increased by 3.9%, WTI – by 1.8%. In the third quarter, the growth in Brent prices was observed for five consecutive quarters, which is the longest period of continuous growth since June 2008. Oil rose in price to the levels of 2014 based on reports of the absence of the intention of OPEC countries to increase production against the backdrop of a reduction in supplies of Iranian oil. During trading on Friday, Brent went up by 92 cents to 82 dollars 64 cents a barrel. The price of oil WTI rose by 85 cents to 72 dollars 97 cents per barrel.

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