Oil prices fell based on data on the growth of US stocks


After the release of a report by the US Department of Energy on oil reserves in the country, a moderate decrease in oil prices was observed on Wednesday. Over the past week, oil reserves in the United States increased by 7 million 70 thousand barrels, which significantly exceeded the growth expected by analysts by 1 million 900 thousand barrels. At the same time, the volume of oil produced in the United States remained unchanged, retaining a record value of 12 million 100 thousand barrels per day. The United States increased the volume of imported oil by 1 million 80 thousand barrels per day and reduced its export volume by 556 thousand barrels per day. Against this background, Brent crude oil by 18:41 Moscow time dropped in price by 22 cents to 65 dollars 64 cents per barrel. The cost of WTI crude oil fell 66 cents to 55 dollars 96 cents per barrel.

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