Oil prices fell after Libya's report on the removal of force majeure circumstances in the main ports

Oil prices showed a decline on Wednesday based on reports from Libya, MarketWatch writes. The Libyan National Oil Corporation NOC announced the removal of force majeure circumstances in the ports of Ras Lunaf, Sidr, Al-Harik and Zuwein after their transfer to the corporation on June 11. NOC reported that export operations would resume in the next few hours. According to Bjørnar Tonhaugen, Rystad Energy's vice president for oil markets, the resumption of exports from Libya will increase oil supplies to the world market by about 700,000 barrels per day. Quotes of September futures for Brent crude by 14:00 Moscow time fell by 1 dollar 56 cents to 77 dollars 30 cents per barrel. August futures for WTI oil fell 43 cents to 73 dollars 68 cents a barrel.

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