Oil finished a week, a month, a quarter and half a year in positive territory

Following the results of the past week, Brent crude rose by 5.2% , of the month - by 2%, and of the quarter – by 16%. Since the beginning of the year its price has increased by 22%. The price of WTI oil for the week increased by 8.3%, for the month - by 11%, for the quarter - by 16% and from the beginning of the year - by 25%. Against the backdrop of fears of problems with supply in the world market, on Friday, Brent prices rose by 1 dollar 62 cents and amounted to 79 dollars 47 cents per barrel. WTI oil went up by 85 cents to 74 dollars 30 cents a barrel. Investors are concerned about the struggle of two governments that flared up in Libya for exporting oil terminals. Another concern is the demand of other countries to reduce oil purchases in Iran to zero by the beginning of November. In addition, in Canada, because of the accident, the company, extracting about 360 thousand barrels per day, has stopped its work.

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