Nissan Leaf was the first model, sales of which exceed 400 thousand among electric vehicles from other manufacturers


Japanese automaker Nissan reported that sales of the compact Nissan Leaf hatchback exceeded 400,000, which was achieved for the first time among all models of electric vehicles produced by other automakers. According to CNBC, the Japanese company also stated that the number of Nissan Leaf electric vehicles sold since their launch allows the saving of 3 million 800 thousand barrels of oil per year. In 2018, this model became a bestseller in Europe, where, according to EV-Volumes, a total of 408,000 hybrid cars were sold. In 2017, the number of electric and hybrid cars purchased in the world increased by 54% compared to 2016, exceeding 3 million cars, data from the International Energy Agency showed. As previously reported, the global automakers' investment in the development of electric vehicles in the next 10 years will amount to about $300 billion.

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