Nissan has denied a media report on the planned reduction in production


Japanese Nikkei reported at the end of last week that the automaker Nissan Motors plans to produce about 4,600,000 cars in the 2019 fiscal year, thus reducing production by 15% compared to the last fiscal year. A little later, Reuters reported that the Japanese automaker published a refutation on the site and sent a complaint to the Nikkei, where it expressed its strong disagreement with the information submitted by the newspaper. Nissan will publish the final financial figures for the past year and will announce its production plan for the new fiscal year on May 14. According to the estimates of the Japanese automaker, its operating profit in the fiscal year, which will end in March 2020, will decrease by 22% to 450 billion yen. During trading on Friday, Nissan shares fell 2.2%.

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