Nintendo Switch to launch in China


Nintendo is launching Switch in China as it joins forces with Tencent. However, Switch will have a tough road ahead as it faces gaming mobile phones as its competition.

On Wednesday, Nintendo, in partnership with Tencent, announced that the Switch will be available in China starting December 10 at 2,099 yuan ($297).

 Nintendo Switch will compete against smartphones as Chinese gamers are more used to using smartphones than consoles.

“The other major console platforms, PlayStation and Xbox, have traditionally struggled to catch on in the market,” said Newzoo analyst Tianyi Gu.

Gu affirmed Nintendo’s potential market rev up as popular game franchises like Super Mario Bros., Zelda, and Pokemon came out successful.

However, China has been strict in allowing franchise of online games to restrict the amount of time kids can play. China also imposed curfews for online gaming for minors.

“The approval process for overseas titles is generally slower than for domestic games,” Gu said.

“It is safe to say that Switch software won’t cause a lot of headache for Chinese regulators: Nintendo’s games on that platform didn’t integrate gambling elements, avoid violence and never use political or other sensitive imagery,” Serkan Toto, founder of Kantan Games said.


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