Nintendo’s newest offering: Switch Lite


Smaller, lighter, and cheaper.

Nintendo is set to release the Nintendo Switch Lite as its newest offering for gamers who wish to play games wherever, whenever.

 A revamp of its known Switch, Nintendo offers the Switch Lite much cheaper which comes at $199.99. The newest version of the portable gaming gadget can’t be linked to television, and the controls and buttons on the sides are fixed.

 Set to be available in markets on September 20, the Switch Lite will be an attraction for gamers who always travel.

The Switch Lite is set to perform 3-7 hours of playtime on a single charge, relatively longer than its first version and is lighter as well.

The Switch Lite will also have a Pokemon-themed version in November.

Nintendo sold 10 million units of the Switch version in 2017. Nintendo is the only video game maker to boost sales in July as reported by the NPD Group industry analyst Mat Piscatella.



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