Netflix subscribers growth exceeded forecasts


Netflix announced the financial results of the IV quarter. Subscriber growth was 8.8 million subscribers, while analysts and Netflix had expected growth of 7.6 million. The company's revenue did not reach its own projected figures of $4.20 billion and amounted to $4.19 billion, although, according to Netflix, the key indicator of growth is the subscriber base. Wall Street analysts had expected a profit of $4.21 billion and $0.24 per share. According to own forecasts, Netflix should have reached $0.23 per share. Earnings per share were $0.3. The number of paid subscribers grew by 50% last year thanks to the company's international segment. In 2020, Netflix will remain the market leader, and the subscriber base in foreign countries will exceed 160 million. A few days after the financial results were announced, Netflix announced new subscription prices. The company offers three tariffs: initial, standard and premium. The initial tariff remained at the level of $8.99 per year, the standard and premium tariffs went up by 18% and 14%. Before the price increase, they cost $10.99 and $13.99. Now, subscribers can watch content in the maximum available quality for $12.99 and $15.99. After the publication of news about the growth in price of subscription, Netflix shares fell by 4%, although since the beginning of the year their price has increased by 32%.  

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