Net profit of Ryanair for the year increased by 10%

The largest air carrier in Europe, the Irish company Ryanair Holdings, in the financial 2018 year, which ended March 31, increased its net profit by 10% in annual terms and reached a record 1 billion 450 million euros. Revenues amounted to 7 billion 165 million euros, increased by 8%. During the earnings period, 130 million 300 thousand people were transported, which is 9% more than in the previous year. The average ticket price, including luggage, decreased by 3% and amounted to 39 euros 40 cents. In the earnings period, the company had to cancel 20 thousand flights because of a shortage of pilots, increase the number of employees, and increase the salaries of pilots. In the current fiscal year, Ryanair expects to increase fuel costs by 400 million euros, labor payments- by 200 million euros.

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