Net profit of Coca-Cola in the first quarter increased by 22.6%


The world's largest producer of soft drinks, Coca-Cola, reported that in the first quarter its net profit amounted to $1, 680 million, an increase of 22.6% in annual terms. The profit indicator, which does not take into account one-off factors, in the amount of 48 cents per share, was higher than economists' forecast of 46 cents per share. Its value for the year increased by 2%. Revenue also surpassed analysts' forecasts, increasing by 5% to 8 billion 20 million dollars in annual terms with a market valuation of 7 billion 890 million dollars. During the earnings period, sales of carbonated beverages increased by 1%. Water and sports drinks were sold 6% more than a year earlier. During trading on Tuesday, Coca-Cola shares went up by 4%

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