NASDAQ subsidiary buys Oslo Stock Exchange


The subsidiary of the American company NASDAQ buys all the shares of the Oslo Stock Exchange. The price of the shares of Oslo Boers VPS Holding ASA will be 152 krones per share, and the entire stock exchange is valued at $770 million. The deal will be confirmed allegedly on February 4. The American operator already owns stakes of the stock exchanges in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Euronext NV at the end of December made an offer to the board of directors of Oslo Boers for a deal of 625 million euros. The company gained the support of nearly half of the stockholders, but Oslo Boers executives recommended accepting the NASDAQ proposal. The operator said that 35.11% of shareholders had previously accepted the NASDAQ proposal, including the largest shareholders of DNB and KLP. Representatives of DNB, the largest bank in Norway, believe that the NASDAQ offer gives the exchange the most advantages.

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