Morgan Stanley decreased its net profit by 10% in Q2


Morgan Stanley, one of the four biggest American banks reported its revenues by the end of the Q2. According to its results the bank’s net profit was $2,201 billions. In comparison with the same quarter a year before the value declined by 10%. Earning per share was 1,23 dollars while the economists expected it at the level of 1,14 dollars. 10,244 billions dollars of revenues pointed at the 3% decline year-by-year. Experts proposed the revenues value at $9,99 billions. The bank reported the increase of the net profit at the period by 14% to $1,03 billions. Income from securities transactions disappointed the market. Revenues from stocks transactions decreased by 14%. Fixed income asset transactions showed the revenues decreasing by 18%. In the same time the revenues value of the division of investment management jumped by 21%. The business of wealth management fixed the revenues growth by 2%.

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