Mexico’s 2020 budget to go under scrutiny to set balance over weak economic growth


The 2020 budget of the Mexican government will most likely set the pace of its struggling economic growth.

The Finance Ministry officials are set to present the 2020 national budget to the Lower House of Congress on Sunday to aid President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to set spending priorities.

Finance Minister Arturo Herrera introduced the budget blueprint on Saturday and made mention of the top priorities of the government for spending: social welfare programs, the National Guard security force, and state oil firm Pemex.

“It will be an extraordinary responsible budget,” said the Finance Minister.

 Mexico’s hospitals, immigration services, and shelters for victims of domestic violence were some of the institutions and public services that were affected by budget cuts.

“We have to recognize that we have a serious income problem, we have the decision and commitment of maintaining a surplus, of fulfilling the financial obligations of the Mexican state,” said Alfonzo Cuellar, budget committee chair in the Lower House.

He also said that the government would prioritize its budget next year in the energy sector, health, education, and National Guard reinforcement, a special security force to take care of homicide incidents.


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