Affiliate Program for Your Website: Easy Earnings on Forex

Teasers, banners, disturbing insertion of ad units in the text is an ineffective way to work with an advertising audience. Also, most partners pay a small fee, which is barely enough to cover current expenses. offers an effective solution. Our affiliate program will provide decent earnings, while the website does not need to be overloaded with advertising materials and pushy ads, which causes users to leave in 99% of cases.

Why does it work?

Forex trading is a real way to make money online, and many traders have confirmed this fact with their example. In conditions of low salaries and a constant lack of money, more than 80% of users are always in search of additional income.

For ten years, the statistics have not changed much, tens of thousands of specialists graduate annually and never find the dream job. Therefore, Forex is regarded by them as an opportunity to correct their unsatisfactory financial situation.

The topic is attractive to the target audience of any age from youth to retirees. Users get acquainted with the information presented with interest and subsequently open trading accounts, becoming customers of the company.

Each client brings a profit for you too, since you receive a reward in proportion to the amount of money that the referral will transfer to the trading account.

A competent strategy and basic knowledge of the stock market allow customers to earn real money, so in the end, they will be grateful to your website for the opportunity to change their lives.

Every year, public interest in the Forex market is only growing, so this niche will always be relevant and will provide a stable income for many years.

Program features

For our partners, we have prepared the best conditions for cooperation, which include:

  • a working algorithm that provides a high level of conversion;
  • an opportunity to work on individual conditions is provided for each partner;
  • a personal manager who is ready to help and give an answer to any question;
  • a rich database of promotional materials; you can choose the option that is best suited for your website;
  • an honest and transparent system of accrual and accounting for your income, no obscure write-offs, and loss of money from your account;
  • a broad audience, including the countries of the EU, CIS, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

With us, you can count on maximum earnings, so you do not need to look for additional options for income. Since you will have to work on only one project, you can concentrate on it more and achieve better results.

Payments and accruals

The company offers three cooperation options that take into account the specifics and orientation of your website as much as possible. This allows both significant webmasters and individual bloggers to work with the system.

REVENUE SHARE is a unique offer that will be interesting to partners working with a narrow target audience and influencing its decision-making.

The program allows you to earn from 30 to 45% of the income received by the referral from trading. It is active indefinitely, that is, as long as the client is engaged in trading and brings income to the broker. The more referrals you attract, the higher the percentage.

CPA - This option is suitable for everyone. As a reward, a portion of the client’s first deposit is paid to you. The percentage is determined individually and revised to increase the efficiency of your work.

The program allows you not to worry about how a referral’s trading activity will develop and count on a standard reward.

The CPA + REVENUE SHARE program is also provided. To find out about the possibility of connecting your project to it, contact the manager, and specify the details. This option is the most profitable. is one of the largest brokerage services in the CIS, which has a number of subsidiaries that also provide intermediary services in the stock and foreign exchange markets. We have been successfully working for more than ten years and are expanding rapidly.

Working with is a profitable decision that will drastically change your idea of affiliate programs. We pay honestly, fairly, on time. Money is credited to the account within a couple of hours.

Call us or apply to become a partner. If you have questions, the manager will advise and give any information you are interested in. Work with the best and increase your income with

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