Maxitrade mobile crypto trading app

Professional traders always tend to stay online wherever they are. The market always has changes that can bring some profit. There is no need to use a PC for trading as Maxitrade provides users with it’s own crypto trading app.Users do not lose anything in comparison with the computer platform.

Where is it possible to get the app?

MaxiTrade’s cryptocurrency trading apps are being developed for Android and iOS. Users can download the app from Play Market or App Store. It is possible to register a new or authorize with an existing account. It will take less than a minute to get access to all the available trading features on your mobile phone.

For iOS users

At the moment MaxiTrade hasn’t been released for iOS yet, so users have to install MetaTrader 4. This software is available for free in App Store. You can first create a personal account on, then launch the downloaded app and select the option to connect an existing account.

In the search panel enter “Maxi Services” and select the first available option. After that enter your login and password from the previously created account and choose whether you want to save the password or not.

If you haven’t got a registered account, select the “Create a personal account” option, enter “Maxi Services”, choose the correct option and enter your personal data. Them simply save your account and start trading.

What gadgets can be used?

The MaxiTrade mobile app is supported almost by any smartphone or tablet. At the moment, it is only available on Play Market for Android users and requires an Android version 5.0 and higher.

The app “weighs” less than 100 megabytes, so it won’t take a way a lot of space. iOS users will have to use the MetaTrader 4 which requires a version of iOS 9.0 and newer. The instructions for installation can be found a bit higher.

What can you do with the MaxiTrade mobile app?

As we have already said, the MaxiTrade app can fully substitute the PC version of trading. It has all the required features, tools and graphics. Users can trade on the way and stay online from wherever they want. Here are some features the app has:

  • a possibility to track and analyze the market;
  • open and close deals in one click;
  • select the loss-stop and take-profit criteria;
  • users can top up their balance.

Also, MaxiTrade made sure that the app is comfortable and has an intuitive design that does not distract from work. All tools can be accessed in a few clicks and are situated in the places they are supposed to be. Any deal can be opened or closed in seconds, allowing the user to have the best experience possible.

Other advantages of the app are:

  1. A high security level and a possibility to log in with the help of Touch ID or a PIN code.
  2. Simple registration for new users that takes less than a minute.
  3. No trading restrictions: the access level is full and has all features as in the PC version.

It’s the best choice if you are in for trading. Simplicity and professionalism combined allows this app to be in the top of the list.

Included features and details

There are multiple features and details in this app. They allow the trader to get the most possible advantage on the market. Let us check them out:

  • Currency check, price change, buy and sell prices;
  • average moving, indicators, pivot points;
  • a possibility of creating buy and sell orders with user limits;
  • currency, cryptocurrency, commodities, stocks trading;
  • open and close deals, limit orders in one place;
  • trading signals check;
  • indices;
  • live support;
  • 5 supported languages;
  • deposits and withdrawals;
  • personal data editing;
  • document uploading.

Basically, all popular currencies like bitcoin or ethereum are available for trading.There is no difference what do you want to work with - there is a wide variety of coins and stuff to choose.

How can i make a deposit?

To make a deposit, the user should open the left side menu and select the “Deposit” section. After that wait for the page to load and enter the deposit sum, bank card number, expiry date and CVV code. Also do not forget to enter the cardholder name as printed or signed in the papers.

Keep in mind that the minimum transaction amount is 1 euro. All currencies will be converted to euros, so don’t forget about the possible bank fee for the currency conversion.

Where can the money be withdrawn?

There are several methods with the help of which the user can get the money he has earned. These are:

  • VISA, MasterCard;
  • Wire Transfer;
  • PAYboutique;
  • Yandex money;
  • Webmoney;
  • Qiwi wallet;
  • bitcoin;
  • Tokenexus;
  • Crypto payment system.

To get your earned money you should press “Deposit”, then change the section by opening a menu on the top of the screen and choosing “Withdrawal”. After that select the payment system you are interested in and make a request. In the same section it is possible to check you request status and history.

How to buy or sell with the MaxiTrade app?

Even a user that isn’t acquainted with mobile apps will intuitively be able to use the MaxiTrade crypto trading app. The design is made in the simplest possible way.

To choose what do you want to buy and sell open the app, login by entering your email and password, and swipe from the left to the right side. A menu will open with a list of options. At the very top will be written your account username. A bit lower is situated the Deposit section. To see all possible choices you can trade with, select “Assets”. If anything specific is required, choose “Currency”, “Commodities”, “Stocks” or “Cryptocurrencies”.

After that, select the thing you are interested in, enter the amount you want to buy or sell and confirm the action. By pressing the “i” symbol in the top left corner you will open a tab with the latest information about this choice.

Trade on the move with MaxiTrade

Profitable trading requires a lot of attention. That is why it is better to stay online almost all the time. The MaxiTrade crypto trading app gives users all important information in one spot so that any deal could be done in seconds.

It is possible to buy and sell all popular cryptocurrencies, simple currencies, stocks, commodities from your mobile phone. You even can do this while using public transport. It’s really easy with the app, so why would you lose a possibility to turn a regular and monotonous action into something profitable? Remember, time is money.

Should I trust MaxiTrade?

MaxiTrade is a modern cryptocurrency broker. The company gives its traders a comfortable work platform with all required signals, instruments, graphics and news. Having more than 10 years of experience on the market and a lot of reviews from clients makes this broker trusted.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional trader or just someone interested in the topic as MaxiTrade offers products for both. At first, as we have already said, the broker offers a comfortable work platform. It suits any person as the design and available instruments combine professionalism and simplicity.

Educational materials are offered on a regular basis. Beginners can get valuable information about trading basics, secrets, signals and other things. Professionals can find something interesting for themselves too. For example, MaxiTrade’s experts regularly offer market analysis results.

MaxiTrade also has its own trading school. Students can watch online lessons as many times as they want. The recordings are always available at any time. After passing a lesson, it is offered to complete a test to check the student’s knowledge. Access is granted after consulting with the personal analyst that is given by the broker.

Additionally, various account types have different benefits. For example, some types offer individual reviews with a professional analyst, creating a trading plan, personal strategy and others. Do not forget that there also are regular promotions of different kinds.

What is the best currency for trading?

On MaxiTrade users have the possibility to trade cryptocurrencies, real money, commodities, stocks. Any beginner would ask himself a question: “what should I start with?”. The answer depends on what does he expect to see.

At first, let us have a look at real money trading. It is also called “Forex trading”. There are american, australian, canadian dollars, euros, zloty, krona and other types available. The idea is to earn on the money exchange course that changes every second. This type of trading can be a good choice for newcomers, as the future course can be partly predicted by reading news. Depending on different situations in the country and world, the price for a certain currency can change. It is highly influenced by the economic market. The pros of this type of trading are an unlimited supply, high leverage rates, high liquidity and a possibility to easily make a trading plan based on future events. There are a lot of techniques for specific analysis that allow to predict the economic changes ahead.

Second, let us have a look at cryptocurrency trading. This is a bit harder than Forex, as the crypto world lives by its own rules and isn’t influenced so hard by the world economy. You can earn money by making cryptocurrency exchanges or buying and selling coins. There is a limited supply that increases demand. A great example is Bitcoin: at its start, the currency was worth less than a cent. With time the price grew and one coin cost more than $10 000 USD. This can be referred to any cryptocurrency. Additionally, there are low transaction fees without any freezing. This is also a great thing for investors and is available to anyone. There is no need to use a banking institution to work with cryptocurrencies.

If to have a look at the most perspective cryptocurrencies for trading, these are:

  • Bitcoin:
  • Ethereum:
  • Ripple;
  • Monero:
  • Altcoin and others.

MaxiTrade offers trading with all popular coins that have a good perspective in the nearest future.

Then goes stock trading. This allows traders to buy shares of a huge variety of companies. Usually, the future share price is predictable as companies have their own economic plan and future events highly influence them. Sometimes it is possible to earn something at the same day, sometimes you need to wait for a long time.

Finally, we have the bond market. This is considered to be a long term investment. There are different types of bonds that have various requirements. You can either invest money on your own bond, or buy someones bond if it can bring profit at its maturity date.

As we see, any type needs analytical skills and some understanding of the market. These can be gained by passing the educational course given by MaxiTrade in the trading school.

Is there a demo account?

If you are interested in trying your skills in a demo account without any risks of losing your funds, you should contact your personal manager. The MaxiTrade mobile app does not offer a demo account.

However, you can try your skills in other online demo services that can even be accessed on your browser. These involve a challenging motivation with leaderboards, examples, live graphics and analytical material. We recommend these three services:

  • Altcoinfantasy;
  • Bitcoin Hero;
  • CoinMarketGame.

There is no need to install additional software. Just register an account or stay anonymous and get to understand the way the crypto trading market works.

What is the best book to start learning about cryptocurrencies?

It is no secret that professional traders always read something: news, articles, books, researches. One might think this is a waste of time. But it is important to understand that if you want to achieve something and stay on the top, you should always improve yourself. Today almost any book is available on the internet, so you can easily download it on your smartphone to read while making pauses in trading or read and work at the same time.

There are a lot of books that give really valuable information for beginners in different styles. It hard to choose the best, but we shall try:

  • Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar;
  • The Bitcoin Standart by Saifedeen Ammous;
  • The Age of Cryptocurrency by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey;
  • Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos;
  • The Internet of Money by Andreas Antonopoulos.

After you finish these five books, you can start searching for new ones on your own. Nevertheless, by doing only one thing (for example, reading books) you can’t properly educate yourself. It is important to combine different things in one: researches, books, news, expert opinions, practice. All this will help you develop in different sides and you’ll be able to use your knowledge not only for speech, but for practice.

Is there any sense in investing money in cryptocurrencies?

A few years ago people didn’t know a lot about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and anything that is related to the topic. At that time only very few people were ready to risk their money for something like Bitcoin. For one dollar it was possible to buy a few hundred coins. Imagine into what did this investment turn in a few years when every coin cost $300, then $1000, and more than $10 000 dollars.

This can happen to any existing currency. Cryptocurrencies have a limited supply, so as time flows, the demand raises and the price too. Experts say that even though this might seem to be like a cat in a sack, it is still a very good way to invest money.

The crypto world has a tendency to develop even more as the Blockchain technology becomes more and more popular. Another advantage is that the crypto world is considered to be decentralised and available for any willing person. Fast and simple transactions to any place in the world will definitely draw even more attention than now.

Even though not all coins grow in price in short terms, a trader can earn money on exchanges. As we know, the price per any currency changes every second, so by catching the moment you can earn something. Actually, deals can be opened even every second with a minor profit. Everything depends on your trading strategy.

What are you waiting for?

If you still haven’t tried out the MaxiTrade mobile crypto trading app then download it now! Create an account to receive a beginners welcome bonus as some additional money to your deposit. Registration takes less than a minute.

By registering you get full access to MaxiTrade’s educational materials, trading tools and platform. Every new account level gives various benefits such as a personal analyst, a strategy plan, trading reviews and other things. If there is a need, it is possible to register in MaxiTrade’s trading school where newcomers and amateurs can learn all important aspects about the topic.

The minimum deposit is 1 euro, so you do not have to risk big sums at once. It is possible to earn something by investing a minimum amount of money, withdraw the earning and continue trading on the earned sum. This way there is no need to top up your account again and again in the future.

The broker works with most popular electronic wallets for deposits or withdrawals. Bank cards are accepted too. It can take maximum three days to get your money - it all depends on the wallet or card you request a withdrawal.

If you have any problems, contact the support. People there are always online and will help you as fast as possible. Any issue can be solved in a few minutes.

Join our team of professionals now and become a trader!

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