Markets are waiting for the ECB rate increase in September 2019


The financial markets, expecting an increase in the base rate by the European Central Bank in October 2019, now believe that the European regulator will take this decision before the expiry of the term of power of its head Mario Draghi in September next year. On Monday, Mario Draghi said he expected a “relatively significant” increase in core inflation. This statement by the head of the ECB was seen by many as a possible faster normalization of the bank's policy. Investors predict that the ECB deposit rate will increase by 10 basis points from minus 0.4%. They expect almost two rate increases by the end of 2019. Comments of the head of the ECB on Monday affected the debt markets of the eurozone. The yield of 10-year German Treasury bonds rose to 0.55%, noting the biggest rise in 4 months.

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