Labor productivity in the US manufacturing industry grew by 1.3% in the fourth quarter


The productivity of American workers in the manufacturing industry grew by 1.3% in annual terms in the fourth quarter. The indicator is calculated as the release of goods per hour of work. It includes incomplete data due to the consequences of the partial shutdown of the government of the country. According to the results of the third quarter, productivity increased by 1.1%. The most important indicator is performance in the non-farm sector, but it was not made public because of the shutdown. The Ministry of Labor continued to work in December-January. Its report demonstrates productivity growth in Q3 by 2.2%, and in the second quarter - by 3%. According to S & P Global Ratings, the United States lost $6 billion during the shutdown of the government. Shutdown affected 9 of the 15 ministries and was the longest in history.

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