JPMorgan has become the world's largest currency trader

American financial holding JPMorgan Chase has become the world's largest currency trader by market share, the project writes referring to the results of the poll of the Euromoney Institutional Investor. Citigroup, which topped the rating for four consecutive years, moved to fifth place, because of the new methodology used to poll and according to which the volume of short swaps was eliminated from the annual rating. The market share of JPMorgan has grown from last year's 10.3% to 12.13%. The second place in the rating was taken by UBS with a share of 8.25%. The third one is the automated trader XTX Markets with a share of 7.36%. The fourth position was taken by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, its share was 6.2%. The share of Citigroup was 6.16%.

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