Johnson asks for Dec. 12 elections to break Brexit impasse


Johnson asks for Dec. 12 elections to break Brexit impasse

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday he wanted a general election slated on Dec. 12 to break Britain’s Brexit impasse. And for the record, Johnson gave up on his Oct. 31 Brexit deadline.

In a letter addressed to Jeremy Corbyn, opposition leader, Johnson said he would give parliament more time to approve his proposed deal upon Brexit but calls for lawmakers to support an election in December.

Corbyn said in response that he would wait for the decision of the EU on a Brexit delay before he could decide which way to vote on Monday.

One week from Brexit, the EU was poised to grant Johnson a delay. An election is Johnson’s camp’s way to break the deadlock over Brexit after parliament voted in favor of his deal at the first stage, but did not concur with his timetable.

“This parliament has refused to take decisions. It cannot refuse to let the voters replace it with a new parliament that can make decisions,” he wrote to Corbyn.

“The principle is to take ‘no deal’ off the table, the EU answers tomorrow, then we can decide,” Corbyn said.

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